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Hiking in Scena/Schenna for pure relaxation

A holiday in Merano & Environs is characterised by unforgettable moments of delight and incredible experiences in nature – particularly if you spend your holiday at our olive & gourmet hotel in South Tyrol. Hiking in Scena/Schenna and the surrounding area, allows guests to find peace, breath in the wonderfully fresh mountain air, and clear their minds of everyday life. Additionally, our hotel in Scena/Schenna is the ideal starting point for all kinds of varied hikes – from easy to demanding.

Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

John Muir

Scena/Schenna stands out with 200 km of well-marked hiking trails, Merano/Meran 2000 and Avelengo/Hafling with another 300 km. The cable cars Ivigna/Ifinger and Taser bring you up to new heights – to the perfect conditions for hiking in Scena/Schenna. Those who prefer to stay in the valley will find their satisfaction along the irrigation channels (Waalwege) in Merano/Meran and Environs. These are ancient irrigation channels artificially created by the farmers, which you can walk along. The irrigation paths in Maia/Mais, Lagundo/Algund, Marlengo/Marling, and Parcines/Partschinsare particularly beautiful.  

Explore Scena/Schenna & environs on a hiking holiday

Discover the diversity of the South Tyrolean mountain world and embark on a discovery tour into the enchanting outdoors of Merano and Environs – 300 sunny days a year guarantee the best weather conditions for hiking in Scena/Schenna. At our reception, we can also advise you on the most popular hikes in the area and give you daily tour tips and suggestions. In addition, the tourist association of Scena/Schenna organises excursions for hiking in Scena/Schenna and the surrounding area. The hikes with professional guides are very popular. During your hiking holiday in Scena/Schenna, let them show you the most beautiful spots nature has to offer! The hiking programme of the tourist association is available at our reception.

Texel Group Nature Park

On more than 30,000 hectares, you will find your personal hiking happiness while hiking in Scena/Schenna and environs. Discerning nature lovers who enjoy a breath-taking panorama can walk around the nature park along the famous Merano/Meran high-altitude trail, which can only be completed in several stages. Sure-footedness and good physical condition are required.

Merano/Meran 2000

The sunny high plateau above the spa town of Merano/Meran is a popular summer region for those who love hiking in Scena/Schenna and environs. On hot days, both locals and visitors flee to this local recreation area, climb the Mount Catino/Großer Mittager, and stop at huts such as the Meraner Hütte. In winter, Merano/Meran 2000 is a paradise for skiers.

Waalwege paths (ancient irrigation channels)

If you are looking to go hiking in Scena/Schenna and environs and would like something that is not too difficult, the Waalwege paths are perfect for you. Walk along these ancient irrigation channels, listen to the gentle ripple of the water and wander through nature with your eyes wide open. The panorama is simply fantastic while walking along the irrigation channels in Marlengo/Marling, Lagundo/Algund, Parcines/Partschins, and all the other paths in Merano and Environs!

Hirzer region

Is the Scena/Schenna hiking area not enough for you? Then you should visit Saltusio/Saltaus at the entrance to Val Passiria/Passeiertal, where you can take the Hirzer cable car to one of the most popular hiking areas in South Tyrol. Hike from Alpine pasture to Alpine pasture, enjoy typical South Tyrolean specialities, and get to know the hut owners, who have many exciting stories to tell. Our tip for your hiking holiday in Scena/Schenna: a hike to the Gompm Alm hut.

San Vigilio/Vigiljoch

If you have already seen everything you wanted to see while hiking in Scena/Schenna and environs, it is best to drive to nearby Lana. From there, the San Vigilio/Vigiljoch cable car takes you up to the car-free hiking area – perfect for families and peace and quiet seekers. A small highlight: If you are lucky, you will spot the owl which lives in one of the cable car’s supports. When you get to the top, you can start your hike, surrounded by nothing but the sound of the forest.